Delicious meals on a budget

Packaged and delivered to your doorstep for the ultimate convenience.

How It Works

Convenient Order - Halal Food Delivery Service in Toronto

Order at your convenience

Use our website to order your meal plan. You can setup weekly or monthly plans and stop any time. 

Doorstep Delivery - Halal Meal Delivery in Toronto

We deliver to your doorstep

We will deliver the food fresh to your doorstep every Sunday between 8 - 10pm.

Enjoy & Dispose - Halal Meal Delivery Service in Toronto

Enjoy your meal and dispose the box

Grab a box when heading out or enjoy at home. Pop it in the microwave, dine on the delicious food and finally throw away the box. Unmatched convenience at a budget!

Why Mean Meals?

100% Halal Meal Delivery in Toronto

100% HALAL

Professional Chefs - Halal Meal Delivery in Toronto

Prepared by professional chefs

Value for Money - Halal Food Delivery Service in Toronto

Highest Value For Money

Our Plans

Weekly Plan (Launch Promo - $79)
This plan consists of 10 meals delivered to you every Sunday. The meals will include a variety of items with the menu rotating every week to ensure you never get tired of our delicious gourmet meals!

Monthly Plan (Launch Promo - $290)
Same as the weekly plan but with a monthly subscription model that saves you an additional 10% off your order. Consists of 40 meals with 10 meals delivered every week.